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Hairy Cows of Scotland

Currently, my favorite animal is the Scottish Hieland Coo. Being from Texas, we would call them hairy cows. The Coo embodies the personality of a cat, when it comes to engaging people. They are stubborn, independent, and aloof at worst - at best, they are foragers of humans ready to hand feed them.

On a trip to Scotland, we were traveling through Kyle of Lochlash to Plockton.

What strikes me about the Coo are the orange calfs ( sort of a harken to "Texas Longhorn Orange"). This delightfully orange Coo comes into the world reminding me of a Pomeranian dog! Hairy, orange, and FLUFFY.

We encountered these hairy cattle throughout the Scottish Highlands and of course, I had to have our kilted driver, make a quick stop for some immediate gratification of adorableness.

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