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Hot Crab Claws! Plockton, Scotland

FOOD! Around the corner, past colorful vintage doors, dense climbing clematis, and an occasional village dog, we come upon the center of "hot" crab claws and a fabulous chef at the Plockton Inn. Prior to entering the Inn, spin around, and feel the lovely breeze off the sheltered cove. The view is breathtaking and the village properties on this side have these great garden/beach plots of land. Beautiful gardens abound with wathered benches, little boats peppering the view.

On to the hot crab claws; sitting in the main dining area next to the pub bar, our group fills out a couple of tables with a long cushioned seat butting up to an ancient rock wall. There are coins of the world nestled between the rocks and balancing on the uneven ledges. Gin cocktails in hand, a couple of local ciders, and local scotch get us started on the menu. Suprise! quite gourmet with simple farm to table ingredients!

Ok, Ok, hot crab claws are my appetizer of choice. Beautiful crab claws come piled high in what seems to look like a copper bowl with the loveliest butter, spicy pepper, oil type zhuzh (Juge). They are not so much as spicy but temperature "hot" They are so fresh, I swear the chef waited for "Donald" to bring his catch in just in time for the evening crowd. luckily for me the rest of the group liked them, however, my daughter and I may have had more than one order. After a day of castles and countryside, steaks, wild Scottish Salmon, homegrown veggies, and dessert anchored a spectacular day in the highlands.

Stay tuned for spritely delivered cappucinos, rock cakes, and berry compote that will put some tang in your morning!

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